Regine Schönenberg

Dr. Regine Schönenberg

Political Scientist
Institute for Latin American Studies at Free University Berlin

Senior Researcher

+49 (0)30 838 50757
+49 (0)172-3026145
Room 208
Boltzmannstr. 4, 14195 Berlin, GERMANY

Research Focus
  • Research Themes:
    • Agro-ecological Conflicts
    • Societal In/Exclusion
    • Biodiversity
    • Land-use Change
    • Climate Change
    • Natural Resource Management
    • Criminal Networks
    • Brazil
    • The Amazon
  • Life Themes:
    • Inter/Transdisciplinary Knowledge Production + Communication
    • Intercultural/ Peer Learning-Dialogues
    • Life Design
Research Regions
  • Latin America
  • Brazil
  • Amazon
  • India
  • Current Partner Regions
    • MAP (Brazil, Bolivia, Peru)
International Research Coordination
  • Prodigy (Vice-Head)
International Teaching
  • ICJ, Instituto de Ciências Jurídicas, UFPA, Brazil
  • BVIEER, Institute for Environmental Education and Research, Pune, India
Curriculum vitae

Scientific & International Co-operation Career

  • 2019-2022 BMBF/Biotip: Vice-coordinator of the PRODIGY-project, Institute for Latin American Studies (LAI) at Free University Berlin
  • 2017-2018 BMBF/Biotip: Vice-coordinator of the preparatory phase of PRODIGY-project, Institute for Latin American Studies (LAI) at Free University Berlin
  • 2016-2017 DAAD/NoPa: Transdisciplinary Dialogues on the impact of changing land tenure and
    environmental law on Amazonian livelihoods in Western Amazônia (LAI/FU-Berlin)
  • 2011-2016 BMBF/FONA: Social Scientist (SP14) and communication manager of CARBIOCIAL
    at LAI/FU-Berlin
  • since 2011 Learning Coach for compassorange GmbH; coaching outbound staff of Brot f.d.Welt in: project-management, M&E, knowledge communication
  • since 2010 Project evaluation for DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service)
  • 2002-2011 Consultant for German projects of International Cooperation in Brazil, Peru, India,
    Vietnam, Egypt, Serbia, Ukraine for intercultural peer-learning (GIZ-Summer-Schools) & project evaluations
  • 2008 HBS-conference: Climate & Change in the Amazon – concept, implementation
  • 2011 HBS-conference: Globalized Organized Crime and the Future of a Democratic World –
    Concept, implementation, book
  • 2001-2016 Initiator and Learning Coach of “Between Lecture Hall and Project Work” active in
    Berlin and Germany (3 X Education for Sustainable Development/UNESCO-Project)
  • 1999-2001 DFG: The influence of cocaine routes on social transformation in the Brazilian
    Amazon at Goethe University of Frankfurt
  • 1998-2002 UNESCO/MOST Paris: Drugs & Democracy Project – the criminalization of social
    transformation in Brazil, México, Russia, Nigeria, India, China
  • 1994-1998 German Coordinator of the Pilot Program to Preserve Brazilian Rainforests (PPG7)
    for GIZ & KFW
  • ever since afterwards: evaluator of ongoing programmes of PPG7 and further activities of international co-operation in the Amazon, Peru and Ecuador
  • 1992-1994 CNRS/OSTROM: Comparative Amazon Studies Project
  • 1990-1993 DAAD-scholarship for PhD-studies in the Brazilian Amazon, affiliated at NAEA/UFPA
    PhD at Free University Berlin

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