BioTip / FONA 

BioTip / FONA 

The international and national projects of BioTip/ GlobalTip are closely co-working with local policy, business, and societal actors to identify and initiate the critical processes that will increase the resilience of our environment, avoid state changes with negative consequences, and promote resilient societal systems. 


Gaining a better understanding of desertification tipping points and their effects on the livelihoods of Namibian farmers.


Examining drivers leading to an ecological tipping point of the Mongolian steppe ecosystem.


Exploring schemes and deducing governance recommendations to reduce the risk of socio-ecological impacts of tipping points of marine fish stock along the Peruvian coastline. 


Detecting the vulnerability of the socio-ecological German fishing system, forming part of the worldwide heaviest fished marine areas, the North Sea.


Defining how to shift the baseline of the marine ecological-economic system in the Western Baltic Sea towards sustainability.


Analysing the economic incentives affecting collective action in Nile perch fishery at Lake Victoria (Kenia, Tanzania, Uganda), and finding external interventions to avoid a potential tipping point.

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