• Diana Figueroa – Master Thesis – ongoing – Mapping intersectionalities in the Southwestern Amazon Region. A Case Study of Brazil Nut Harvesting Women.
  • Anika Gelpke – Bachelor Thesis – ongoing – Effect of soil moisture and root exudate compounds on greenhouse gas emissions from pastures and rainforests in the Amazon: a laboratory incubation study.  


  • Andrea Arancibia – Master Thesis – Palm fruits potential for sustainable commercialization in Pando, Bolivia. 
  • Jenny Bauer – Master Thesis – Influence of drought and above-ground biodiversity on general and phosphorus cycling microorganism communities in tropical soils.  
  • Paul Mathaess – Master Thesis – The relation between infrastructure and extractivism of non-timber forest products in the southwestern Amazon. 
  • Oskar Holetzek – Bachelor Thesis -  Spill-over effects between primary forests and agricultural land and implications on the land-sharing vs. land-sparing debate – A Bolivian case study.  
  • Vanessa Illenseer – Bachelor Thesis – Enzyme activity along a biodiversity gradient in Amazonia.  
  • Claudia Pinzón – Master Thesis – Un caso de espacios cívicos en disputa en Perú, Brasil y Bolivia: Sociedad civil, Estado y territorio en la Amazonía Suroccidental  
  • Froese, R., Pinzón, C., Schönenberg, R. & Schilling, J. Local Actions Against Global Dynamics – COVID-19 as a Catalyst of Social Transformation in the South-Western Amazon. In: Dany, Charlotte; Groppe, Annalena: Peace Perspectives No. 1: Peace and the Pandemic – International Perspectives on Social Polarization and Cohesion in Times of COVID-19. pp. 38-44.  
  • Froese, R. & Schilling, J. Goldbergbau im Peruanischen Amazonas – Eine Bedrohung für die Menschliche Sicherheit. Friedensakademie-Blog, 03.02.2021.  
  • PRODIGY. Functional diversity to foster conviviality? Understanding the Cascade of Amazonian Tipping Points. White Paper for the Global Land Forum 2021.  


  • Dennis Löwe – Master Thesis – Influence of biodiversity and soil depth on the substrate-use efficiency of microbial communities of Amazonia. 


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