Postgrad Course


The objectives of the course

  • – Fostering critical thinking and supporting research creativity and cooperation
  • – Integration of academic research in the MAP region
  • – Knowledge about the advantages and challenges of interdisciplinary research
  • – Knowledge about breakpoints and how they affect natural systems (soils, plants, …) and social systems (markets, families, communities, …)
  • – Knowledge about the dynamics of agrarian conflicts in the MAP region.
  • – Understanding of the relevance of governance and dialogue between different actors.

In which form?

  • Interdisciplinary postgraduate program on the role of biodiversity for sustainable development strategies to be implemented through cooperation between scientists in Germany and the MAP region.
  • The course and the program are based on the interaction of critical reflection and capacity building, as well as on the cooperation of people from different disciplines and cultures.
  • Inclusion of the perspective of the indigenous populations of the MAP region and issues related to gender structures.
  • Next call for October to March 2022/23, publication to be launched

The selection of participants for the postgraduate course is carried out by the Free University of Berlin / PRODIGY (Schö, & and a team of partner universities in the MAP region.

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